Japan to establish cyber defense force in 2013

NASA Satellite Image of Japan Captured March 1...

NASA Satellite Image of Japan Captured March 11, 2011 (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

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By Defense Systems Staff  Sep 12, 2012

Japan is one of a number of nations around the globe that has decided to create a separate team to defend its national security in cyberspace, reports ZDNet.

The country’s defense ministry plans to establish in 2013 a cyberspace defense force staffed by about 100 people, according to Japanese media reports.

The cyber defense team will collect information about computer viruses for analysis and also will improve the nation’s ability to conduct drills to counter such viruses, the story said.

  The ministry also announced the nation’s first defense guidelines on cyberattacks, which state that Japan has the right to self-defense if a cyberattack occurs as part of an offensive strike, the story said.

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