Vol 8, No 2 (2014): Perspectives on Terrorism


Table of Contents

Introduction to the Issue

Welcome from the Editors PDF HTML
James J.F. Forest  


Survival of the Fittest: Why Terrorist Groups Endure PDF HTML
Joseph K. Young, Laura Dugan  
Hezbollah’s Man in Egypt PDF HTML
Matthew Levitt  
Defining and Distinguishing Secular and Religious Terrorism PDF HTML
Heather S. Gregg  
Locating Cyberterrorism: How Terrorism Researchers Use and View the Cyber Lexicon PDF HTML
Lee Jarvis, Stuart Macdonald  


Bibliography: Muslim Brotherhood (Part 1) PDF HTML
Judith Tinnes  
Bibliography: (Countering) Violent Extremism and Terrorism PDF HTML
Eric Price  

Book Reviews

“Counterterrorism Bookshelf” – 27 Books on Terrorism & Counterterrorism Related Subjects PDF HTML
Joshua Sinai  

Complete Issue

Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume 8, Issue 2 PDF
Various Authors  


Perspectives on Terrorism is  a journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

ISSN  2334-3745 (Online)

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