Islamic terror suspect caught in Valencia is jailed for eight years

Plaque in memory of the casualties in the 11-M...

Plaque in memory of the casualties in the 11-M terror attack in Madrid: ”In memory of the victims of the attacks of 11 March 2004, who were transported to the field hospital established here in the Municipal Sports Centre of Daoiz y Velarde. As a token of sympathy from Madrid’s citizens, and of gratitude for the courage and generosity of all the services and people who came to their aid.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AL-QAEDA’S librarian’ has been sentenced to eight years in jail after being caught in Valencia.

Mudhar Hussein al-Malaki, originally from Jordan, was said to be one of the main text contributors to the yihad (‘Holy War’) propaganda network Ansar al-Mujahideen and dedicated to ‘practising yihad by spreading the word’.

The texts he managed were aimed at contributing to training and educating newly-recruited Islamic fundamentalist terrorists.

According to the judge, this provided back-up for the group that was equally as crucial to its crusade as those who physically carry out suicide bombings in war zones.

Files explaining how to hide explosives in markets, restaurants and on buses, as well as ‘training manuals’ relating to land mines, bombs, poison and grenades were seized.

Investigators found 30 pictures of victims of the Madrid train bombing 10 years ago on March 11, all bearing Al-Qaeda’s logo, which they described as a ‘faithful reflection of the devastating panorama’ created by ‘materialising and planning extremist, intransigent and violent ideas’ which the accused ‘distributed from his privileged position’ within the fundamentalist terror organisation.

Al-Malaki was arrested in Valencia city just over two years ago, and his case has just come to court this week, leading to his being sentenced to eight years behind bars.

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