South Asian Journal of Socio- Political Studies (Sajosps), Vol.14 Issue 2, 2014

The political state of Kerala in India was cre...

The political state of Kerala in India (Photocredit: Wikipedia)




  • The United States Security Interest: Peace and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Assessment By Dr. Barrister Okeke, Vincent Onyekwelu Sunday
  • A New Brave Economy of India By Bekhzod Kayumov Ilkhomovich
  • Participatory Action Research on the Economic Status of Suppressed Community (Dalits) in India By Dr. Emmanuel Janagan Johnson
  • Transnational Terrorism in the Discourse of Globalisation: A Perspective By Dr. Midatala Rani
  • Lok Sabha Polls 2004 : Kerala Bucked the National Wave By Dr. M.R. Biju
  • Missing Miss India… Disappearing Daughters… Evidence from Northern States By Prof. Jasbir Singh
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management and Its Future Impact on Sustainable Energy Generation in India By Dr. Swami Prakash Srivastava
  • Gender, Poverty and Globalization in India By Dr. Padmalaya Mahapatra
  • Affirmative Action : A Study of the Tribals of Assam By Dr. Manju Singh
  • Decentralized Governance: Issues of Accountability and Transparency: The case of PRIs in Karnataka By Dr. Harsha. S
  • Coconut Yield Estimation Survey in Kerala and its Inferences: An Inter-Spatial Analysis By Dr. D. Rajasenan
  • Contract Farming System Challenges and its Solutions in India By Dr. V. Saravanan
  • Women’s participation in Indian politics: Issues and challenges By Dr. Kalpana S. Agrahari
  • An Integrated Development Project-Nagaland Empowerment of People ThroughEconomic Development (Neped), and its Impact on the Farming Community in Nagaland By Merensangla Longkumer
  • A study on the Autonomy of Adolescent College Students By V. Priya
  • Empirical Study on Buyback Strategy Impacts on Shareholder Value By Dr. R. Amuthan
  • HRD climate and Demographic variables in the Public Sector in Amhara and Benishangul-Gumuz Regional States of Ethiopia: An Empirical study By Mulatu Takele Babushe
  • Technology Device Ownership Among Yemeni College Students By Tawfiq Thabit
  • Tourism Development as an Aggregation for the Growth of Kerala Economy By Dr. Haseena. V.A
  • People’s Opinion on Nainital Local Government’s Performance in Tourism By Dr.S.K.Sathyaprabha



  • Courtesy: SAJOSPS


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