China’s cyberpower: International and domestic priorities

Wednesday, 12 November 2014  By: James A. Lewis and Simon Hansen



Since Xi Jinping took over the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012 and assumed the presidency of his nation, the cybersphere has become an even more important strategic domain. Xi has stressed that cyberpower should be a national priority for China if the country’s to reach its economic, societal and military potential.

This publication contains two papers that explore different aspects of China’s cyberpower.

The first paper by James Lewis assesses whether China is waging an economic war in cyberspace as is claimed by many American commentators.

The second paper by Simon Hansen examines China’s internal mechanisms for delivering and protecting cyberpower. New structures and strategies are emerging under Xi’s presidency, with their own lexicon and nuances. 

These papers are essential reading for those who want to understand China’s activities and intentions in cyberspace.

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