Continuing military operations in South Kordofan

Military operations between SPLA-N and the Sudan Armed Forces have been continuing in areas south and east of Kadugli, according to the operations commander of SPLA-N in Daloka Locality, Brigadier Kuku Idris.

In a statement, Idris explained that the ‘crucial summer operations’ announced by the Sudanese armed forces against SPLA-N two weeks ago are still ongoing in different parts of Kadugli area.

He claimed that SPLA-N forces have responded to several SAF attacks in the areas of Daluka, Falinya, Al-Dalako and Roseires, and denied Khartoum’s claims of seizing the mentioned areas.

Idris further stated that his forces were able to seize 44 heavy guns, 13 four-wheel drive vehicle, and to destroy two tanks since the start of Khartoum’s so-called ‘crucial’ summer operations.

He added that they have lost three men and 15 others injured since the start of operations, saying that the ruling party failed to achieve military victories so far.

He also accused the Sudan Armed Forces of using children in the battles: “We possess documents and prisoners that confirm the use of children in the military battlefields by SAF.”

Radio Tamazuj tried to contact Sudanese army authorities for comment on the news, but they were not reachable by phone.

File photo: SPLA-N troops

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